• Councillor Nigel Ayre
    Article: Sep 28, 2016

    City of York Council in partnership with Sporting Memories is hosting a Boccia Tournament for anyone over the age of 50 on 1 October to coincide with Older People's Day at Energise Leisure Centre.

    Cllr Nigel Ayre, Liberal Democrat Executive Member for Leisure, Culture and Tourism, said:

    "This tournament is a great way to get active and for people to share their Sporting Memories at the same time. We hope this will help to reignite connections between generations to combat the effects of dementia, depression and loneliness."

  • Article: Sep 28, 2016

    South Lakes MP Tim Farron is calling on the government to save Cumbria's schools from severe cuts by using up-to-date figures to calculate special needs funding budgets for the county.

    The government is still basing the 'High Needs Block' of Cumbria's education budget on figures from 2013. However, since then, there has been an increase of 80% in the number of pupils eligible for assistance and extra provision through the higher needs funding block.

  • Bedford Hospital
    Article: Sep 28, 2016

    Sustainability for health and social care services can only be achieved by a real commitment to integration, not by the government's chronic underfunding and a crude focus on cuts and closures. That's the message of a forceful recent column by Mayor Dave Hodgson in the Times and Citizen newspaper.

    Here's the text of the article:

  • August 2015, blank
    Article: Sep 28, 2016

    Leeds North West MP Greg Mulholland is supporting Voice Box, an annual joke-telling competition designed by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) and The Communication Trust to build schoolchildren's communication skills.

    Seven percent of children aged around five years have a specific speech and language impairment and a further 1.8% have speech, language and communication needs linked to other conditions, such as a learning disability, cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorders.

  • Norman Lamb speaking at Liberal Democrat conference rally (Liberal Democrats on Flickr)
    Article: Sep 28, 2016

    For too many years our NHS has not got the investment it needs. While Brexiters claimed that the NHS will get another £350million a week when we leave Europe, this has already been shown up as another cheap con trick from Farage, Johnson and Co. to win the referendum at all costs.

    Yes our NHS needs more money and that is why Lib Dem Health spokesperson Norman Lamb has called for honesty and straight talking on the cash crisis facing health and care sector, raising the possibility of an extra penny on a new dedicated NHS and care tax. The proposal builds on Mr. Lamb's previous calls for the introduction of a separate health and care tax, which would be marked out on people's payslips.

  • Article: Sep 3, 2016
    By Maureen Turner in dailyecho.co.uk

    I was dismayed that Southampton's children and young people haves missed out on lottery funding of £10m to continue with Head Start which helps school-age pupils suffering from problems affecting their learning.

    But I am still more dismayed that the reason given for losing the funding was the disarray in Southampton's Children's Services.

  • August 2015, blank
    Article: Sep 3, 2016

    Local MP Greg Mulholland has backed the 'A Place To Call Home' campaign, launched by the Rethink Mental Illness charity. The campaign urges ministers not to cap housing benefit for people living in supported housing.

    Around 1 in 5 people diagnosed with a severe mental illness live in supported housing. The Government is yet to announce the findings of its Supported Housing Review. But as it stands, a cap to Housing Benefit will apply from 1 April 2018.

  • August 2015, blank
    Article: Sep 3, 2016

    With Parliament set to resume next week, local MP Greg Mulholland is urging Conservative ministers to rethink their plans to cut the community pharmacies budget.

    The Department of Health announced in December it was cutting funding for pharmacies by £170 million.

    The minister at the time, Alistair Burt MP, admitted in May that up to 3,000 of the 12,000 pharmacies across England could be affected by the cuts.

  • Jerry Roodhouse
    Article: Sep 3, 2016
    By Rugby Lib Dems

    Councillor Jerry Roodhouse, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Group, has written to the local papers about the NHS "Sustainability Plan" and the need for greater transparency to get the best deal for patients and health professionals.

    Dear Editor,

    I wonder how many residents have heard of the NHS "Sustainability Transformation Plan" or STP as they are known probably not many. Last week media outlets released details of these documents which have been in production for some time. These plans bring together NHS bodies, Councils and Community providers and detail the changes needed to tackle our growing and ageing population over a 5 year period.

  • Article: Aug 24, 2016

    Having had a lot of heartfelt feedback about my previous blog on dyspraxia I thought I would try to expand a bit further.
    Let me start by saying that in my experience we live in a society that labels .

    My beloved mother was a nurse and worked for most of her career in elderly care. She taught me that when we look at an elderly patient we only see what is in front of us, the frailty, the dementia, the illness. We called them 'geriatrics' or even worse 'gerries'. We see what's on the tin but we don't see the contents inside. We don't see the person that has been , nor the richness of the life lived. The best advice my mother gave me in this respect was to talk to older people, but more importantly to listen, to appreciate their histories, their place in the world and hear the tapestry of their experience. They are not a caricature sketched in the lines of old age . They are multi dimensional and once we see them like that we respond to them differently. In my experience she was right .
    I came across this great photo recently and it encapsulates what I mean .