Stockton Liberal Democrats Amend Party Policy on Health and Social Care

March 24, 2017 9:54 PM
Originally published by Stockton Liberal Democrats

The Lib Dem Spring conference has updated policy on Health and Social Care to reflect the growing crisis in that area. Our local party submitted an amendment to the policy to ensure that Pharmacy First, a scheme which allows pharmacists to use their skills and training to diagnose and prescribe treatment for certain minor ailments, is rolled out across the whole country. Where the scheme is in operation it relieves pressure for GP appointments as people with those ailments are encouraged to visit the pharmacist rather than the doctor.

Councillor Julia Cherrett, who initially proposed the amendment, says: "For people who are entitled to free prescriptions, especially through low income, the ability to get an NHS prescription can make the difference between taking medication and not, with all the consequences. Pharmacy First is a really worthwhile scheme."

Nick Webb, Grangefield Liberal Democrat, adds "No-one wants to see surgeries or urgent care centres full of people who don't need to be there. If people are encouraged to think Pharmacy First for minor ailments pressures will be decreased elsewhere."